Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Help

I am asking for help. Caring for Ponder has become financially difficult and emotionally draining.

If you can help in one of the following two ways, I'd greatly appreciate it.

1. Think good thoughts. Send positive energy our way. Pray. Wish him a speedy recovery.

2. Assist in his care financially. I cannot figure out a good way to accept donations online, but you can donate one of the following three ways:
I. send money to a paypal account set up especially for Pennies for Ponder (the email attached to it is
II. Call my Vet - Dr. Lee Watson at Gilbert Veterinary Hospital ( and ask how you can help in the treatment plan for Ponder.
III. Send a check with Pennies for Ponder in the memo section directly to me. (please email me at for my mailing address)

Thank you!

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